With things starting to warm up, many have grown excited to start planning their outdoor events. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way lots of businesses operate and how they keep their employees and customers safe. As an experienced Montgomery County event rentals specialist, we have a few tips to help you host a safe and successful outdoor event.

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Follow COVID-19 Guidelines

Even if your event is outside, you and all your guests should still follow COVID-19 guidelines and regulations. This means everyone in attendance should be wearing masks and practicing social distancing. You should also have hand sanitizer or handwashing stations set up throughout the event space and may want to consider taking temperatures as guests arrive.

Rent as Many Tents as You Need

When you work with a professional Montgomery County event rentals company, you can rent as many tents as needed for your event. The tents can be open, or you can rent them with tent walls. If it’s a particularly hot day, you probably want open tents, but if it’s a windy day, you likely want the walls to keep everything from blowing all over the place. 

Have a Seating Plan

Having a seating chart or plan has always been an important part of planning an outdoor event — even more so during the pandemic. You should try to keep social distancing in mind when establishing your seating plan and might want to people spread out. Consult with a professional Montgomery County event rentals company to see how many people can fit in each tent.

Entertainment and Sound Equipment

You not only want to host a safe outdoor event, but you also want to experience a fun and exciting event. The best way to make sure everyone at your event is having a good time is by hiring some entertainment or hooking up a sound system with music.

Work with a Professional Montgomery County Event Rentals Company

Here at Elite Tents and Events, we’ve been providing Montgomery County the surrounding areas of Maryland with our tent rental services for many year. If you have any questions about how you can host a successful and safe outdoor event, give us a call. Our team of professional tent rental experts is ready to help you in any way possible.