When Mother Nature decides to make life difficult with storms, high winds, flooding, fire and other natural disasters, often the facilities needed to handle the aftermath are damaged. Many times, there are simply not enough facilities to accommodate the personnel and equipment needed to assist in the effort to rebuild. Elite Tents and Events can help provide the tenting and equipment needed to assist in the relief efforts. While damages are being assessed and products are exposed to the elements, we can provide a solution. We provide temporary structures that can rapidly and safely be deployed in order to provide shelter for people and their needs.

These structures vary in many sizes from 10’ wide to 60’ wide and are available in all lengths to fit your application. If you are a first responder and need a command center to help victims our disaster relief tents are a suitable option. We also provide services to businesses who need a warehouse to cover and protect products. These tents can help companies through difficult times and can help to mitigate your losses.

Disaster Relief Tents Include:

  • First responders command centers
  • Emergency control sites
  • On-site medical facilities
  • Safety facilities for personnel and equipment
  • Dining structures
  • Sleeping structures
  • Warehouse structures for products and equipment
  • On-site meeting, planning and coordination gathering points

Elite Tents and Events, with our years of experience, can provide a temporary structure to fit your need in hard times. Our wide range of products can accommodate and adapt to many different situations. In addition to the structures, we can provide flooring, lighting, climate control and other comforts that get you back in business as soon as possible. These  tents and structures can be installed rapidly and immediately available to accommodate your needs. We are here to work with you and support you in the toughest of times.