All you have to do is tell us the purpose of your occasion and we’ll help you choose the right table for your event. Our tables are available to rent for events located throughout Baltimore, Howard, Frederick, Carroll, and Montgomery Counties. Check out the many table styles and sizes we have to offer below.

farm house table garland runner

Tables Rental Pricing

6 Foot Farmhouse Table  $95.00
 Cocktail Table  $12.00
 Cake / Sweetheart Table  $10.00
 4 Foot Rectangle Table  $8.00
 6 Foot Rectangle Table  $10.00
 8 Foot Rectangle Table  $11.00
 5 Foot Round Table  $11.00
 6 Foot Round Table  $15.00
 Kid’s Table with 4 Chairs  $12.00
 Serpentine Bar with Skirting  $70.00
 Portable Bar  $70.00

Table Rentals for Every Occasion

Tables are a must-have for just about any event you want to plan. Whether you need a level surface for food, games, promotional materials, or any other items your event requires, our wide variety of table styles enable us to accommodate hosts with the tables and surface space needed to put on a successful and enjoyable event.

Our table rentals are perfect for:

  • Formal & Casual Events
  • Small & Large Groups
  • Community-Style Dining
  • Intimate Dining
  • Buffets
  • Cocktail Bars
  • Decorations
  • Displays
  • Tabletop and Card Games
  • Craft Stations
  • Freebies or Goodie Bags

Let’s Set the Table for Your Elite Event

From formal occasions to backyard BBQs, Elite Tents and Events will provide you with as much surface space as your particular gathering needs. Contact us today to start planning!