Many women dream about their wedding day from a very young age. They imagine the dress they’ll wear, where they’ll get married, and even the color scheme for their wedding. When the time finally does come around to get married, brides find out exactly what it takes to pull off their dream wedding. Here are some tips, courtesy of Elite Tents and Event, for planning your perfect wedding.

perfect wedding day planning - Planning Your Perfect Wedding

Tip #1: Create a Wedding Planning Timetable

From the moment you get engaged, everyone will start asking when the wedding will be. Although you probably can’t wait to meet your partner down the aisle, realistically, you won’t be able to set an exact wedding date without deciding on other important details. Things like venue, seasons, and schedules can affect a wedding date. So, create a wedding timetable with a range of dates that’ll work for you and your partner. 


Tip #2: Determine Your Wedding Vision and Secure a Wedding Venue

One of the most important aspects of your perfect wedding is the venue. So before you sample a single cake or try on any dress, determine the vision for your wedding and secure a venue that fits. Do you want a fancy, glamorous wedding; or a casual, down-to-earth wedding? The type of wedding you want will affect the type of venue you get and oftentimes when you can have your wedding. 


Tip #3: Set a Wedding Budget

Most people have a budget for their wedding. So, sit down with everyone who plans on contributing to your wedding budget. This number will affect every decision about how you plan your wedding and every purchase you make. It can be an uncomfortable conversation to have, but an important one nonetheless. That way, you can paint a realistic picture about what you can spend and things you can do. 


Tip #4: Secure Rental Equipment

Odds are you don’t have tables, chairs, chaffers, and other catering items just laying around. These are all things a successful wedding needs. Since rental equipment is important, don’t delay booking them for your wedding. Booking early with a Maryland event rental equipment company ensures that everything will be available for your wedding date and that you have everything you need to pull off the perfect wedding. 


Plan Your Perfect Wedding with Elite Tents and Events

Elite Tents and Events has been trusted by many to help plan their wedding and provide high-quality equipment rentals. We have everything you need from tents and tables to decor and catering equipment. Start planning your perfect today by giving us a call at 410-795-8368, or by clicking here to request a proposal.