The Fourth of July is quickly approaching, and we can’t wait for the fireworks, food, friends, and family! Do you have your 4th of July party planned yet? As a leading MD tent rental company, we wanted to take some time to discuss five reasons you should rent a tent for your Independence Day celebration.

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1. Don’t Need a Rain Date

Every year the United States has its Independence Day on the same date, July 4th, which means it’s not a holiday that has a rain date. By renting a tent, or tents, you’re ensuring the party can go on, even in the most extreme conditions. Keep your party, and your guests, dry this July 4th by renting some tents.

2. Keep Bugs Away from Your Food

One of the best parts about the Fourth of July is all the great food. Hotdogs and hamburgers, corn on the cobb, potato and macaroni salad, it doesn’t get much better. The 4th is one of the best holidays to barbecue and grill, and with a tent, you can help keep bugs away from your food. Any outdoor party is going to include some bugs, but the walls on a rental tent can keep most insects out.

3. Block Any Strong Winds

Strong winds can ruin your party, blowing napkins, food, drinks, and decorations all over the place. The winds may  interfere with your fireworks display, but renting tents you helps you escape even the strongest of gusts.

4. Stay Out of Direct Sunlight

Sitting in direct sunlight all day can not only be annoying, but it can be dangerous. Sunlight can get in your eyes, cause sunburn, or even heat exhaustion. The longer you sit under the sun, the worse your burn will be. If the group is drinking, sitting in the sun is extremely dehydrating and could make your guests sick. Renting a tent from a MD event tent rental company can keep you and all your guests safe.

5. Build a Relationship with an Experienced MD Event Tent Rental Company

Here at Elite Tents and Events, we enjoy providing the fine folks of Maryland with our tent rental services. If you’re interested in renting a tent for your Independence Day celebration, we can help you this year and every year. Get in touch with our team of expert MD tent rental specialists today.