Planning a party? Don’t end up forgetting to do or get something at the last minute! Check out our helpful list of must-have party items so you can plan the perfect event:

party planning checklist - 10 Things Your Party Planning Checklist Needs

1. Invitations
You can’t have a party without guests! Send out your invitations at least three weeks in advance in order to give your guests time to plan. If your event has a theme, decorate the invitations along the same lines.
2. Menu
What are your guests going to eat? Are you going to make food for the party or have it catered? Either way, figure out what your guests will be eating and determine when to start making it, or when to place your order with a catering company. Don’t forget to consider those with diet restrictions who will be attending.
3. Dining Utensils 
Make sure that your guests have the necessary dining utensils needed to enjoy their food, such as forks, knives, plates, and cups. In addition to this, make sure that you have the equipment needed to keep your drinks cold and your food hot.
4. Tables and Chairs
Nobody likes standing for long periods of time. Make sure your party has enough chairs to seat your guests and enough tables to hold all your food and other party items.
5. Table Linens
If your party has tables, make sure they are covered with linens to add that extra flair. Use complementary colors that go with the flow of your party’s theme, and use more formal linens for events like weddings and anniversaries.
6. Balloons
No party is complete without balloons! Make sure to order them in advance and pick them up on the day of the party. Get customized balloons to commemorate special events or to add a more personal touch for the guest of honor.
7. Decor
In addition to balloons, it’s important to have other items with which to decorate your venue. Choose a theme for the party and decorate according to the theme with table pieces, flowers, candles, or posters.
8. Music
Nobody likes awkward silence, especially at a party. Create a playlist that is suitable for your guests. An ideal playlist should be upbeat and have enough songs to last the entire length of the party without repeating.
9. Activities
What will your guests do at the party? Have fun activities lined up for them so that they don’t get bored. Don’t forget to consider the age range of your guests in order to plan activities fun for adults, children, or both.
10. Ice
This last one is often forgotten about until the very last minute. Make sure you’ve stocked up on ice the day of the party in order to make sure your beverages stay cold.

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