Whether you are planning a product launch, company retreat, or entertaining clients, renting a tent will set the scene for your next corporate event. As experienced Maryland tent rental specialists, we are here to share six reasons why you should consider renting a tent for your next corporate event.

enjoy an outdoor event - Tent Rentals for Corporate Events

1. Create a Change of Scenery

Having an outdoor event with a tent will allow employees to get a break from the office atmosphere while having the comforts of the indoors with the tent. Employees will enjoy being outside, where they can get fresh air and feel recharged.


2. Customize Your Event 

Holding your corporate event outdoors allows for a completely customizable experience. An event tent is a blank slate and can be decorated according to the occasion. A tent rental creates endless possibilities, from a laid-back company picnic to a formal dinner and beyond.


3. Increase Event Opportunities

Indoor spaces limit your party planning efforts. Hosting an outdoor event creates an abundance of space to spread out and hold multiple activities. If you want employees or guests to move to different areas during your corporate event, consider renting multiple tents for different purposes.


4. Eliminate Weather-Related Problems

Weather can be a threat to any outdoor event. Whether it’s spontaneous rain showers, sudden drops in temperature, or blazing sun, your guests aren’t going to get much out of your corporate event if they’re uncomfortable because of the weather. By providing a corporate event tent, you ensure everything and everyone will be protected from the elements. We also offer a variety of temperature control accessories that’ll keep your guests warm in the cold and cool in the heat.


5. Decrease Planning Stress

Running a business is stressful enough, let us help you plan your corporate event. Here at Elite Tents and Events, we have a personalized planning process, established to ensure that no areas of your party plans are left out and guarantee that the event assistance we provide exceeds all of your expectations.


6. Maintain COVID-19 Guidelines

The COVID-19 pandemic caused events worldwide to be canceled as they were deemed unsafe. Individuals worldwide have been longing for in-person events to resume. Holding your corporate event outdoors poses a decreased risk compared to indoor events. While it is safer outside, it is recommended that you still adhere to CDC guidelines and regulations such as social distancing and mask-wearing to promote a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all in attendance. 


Work With a Professional Tent Rental Company 

We know that your corporate events define who you are as a business. Elite Tents and Events can help your company leave a lasting impression on current and potential clients, employees, and other guests. Contact us today, and our team of professional tent rental experts will help