Whether it’s a festival, fundraiser, birthday, corporate event, or any other type of event, you know that an outdoor event’s success largely depends on the weather. When the weather is right, people enjoy themselves, and the event is more enjoyable to attend. But when inclement weather occurs, an outdoor event can still be enjoyable, but it will require extensive planning. Here’s how to prepare your outdoor event for the unexpected. 


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Develop Contingency Plans

Developing personalized contingency plans is the first step to being ready for anything. Perfect events are extremely rare, so it’s important to be prepared for anything. Follow these three steps to developing a comprehensive contingency plan:


Step #1: Identify What Could Could Go Wrong

Your event is unique and one of a kind. No two events are the same, and that means no two events have the same potential problems. Start by carefully analyzing your event and identify all the things that could go wrong. 


Step #2: Develop Solutions 

Now that you’ve identified potential problems, the next step is to develop solutions for these potential problems. 


Step #3: Know How You Will React

While this is easier said than done, one of the best ways to keep your cool is to know exactly how you want to react if something goes wrong. Think about the response you want to have; that way, you can practice it before your event.


Know Your Venue 

One of the best ways to prepare for your outdoor event is to know your venue inside and out. Mapping out where the various elements of your outdoor event will take place, where vendors and exhibitors will set up shop, and how essential equipment will be transported onto the site will help ensure that everything is properly coordinated. To become familiar with your venue, you can visit it multiple times or even ask for a map of the venue to plan around. 


Provide Essential Amenities

Outdoor venues don’t have the same luxuries as indoor venues, such as accessible electricity and bathroom facilities. Because outdoor venues don’t have these luxuries, you need to find a way to provide them. Whether you run long extension cords from a building, rent a generator, rent a port-o-potty, or do something completely outside the box, your guests need these amenities to be comfortable and fully enjoy your event. Talk to your venue provider about your options. 


Have Shelter Available 

Everyone loves the feel of being outdoors, but when inclement weather occurs, you need a place for people to gather and not get wet. Some venues give you the option of moving your event outdoors, and some venues don’t. One of the best ways to ensure that you and your guests have dry shelter no matter what is by renting a tent. A tent will give your event the outdoor feel you want but keeps everyone and everything dry, regardless of the weather. 


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