There is something romantic about outdoor weddings. There’s nothing more impressive and awe-inspiring than an outdoor wedding underscored by immaculate weather. Although an outdoor wedding can be beautiful, pulling off the perfect outdoor wedding requires immense planning. Here’s what you need to know about planning the perfect outdoor wedding.


Start Planning Early

The earlier you start planning for an outdoor wedding, the better. Planning early ensures that you get your top pick venue and vendors on your desired date. It also makes sure that there aren’t any last-minute loose ends to tie up close to the wedding. 


Have a Plan for All Types of Weather

One of the drawbacks of outdoor weddings is unpredictable weather. For most people, when they envision their perfect outdoor wedding, it entails sunny skies and moderate temperatures. However, that is not always the case. Since weather is unpredictable it’s always a good idea to have a contingency plan for every kind of weather possible in that area.

tents for your dream wedding - Planning the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Create a Budget

Just like an indoor wedding, you’ll need to create and stick to a budget. Nailing down a specific budget will help you determine your venue and guest count. After these factors are accounted for, then you can figure out how the rest of your budget will be allocated between food, entertainment, decorations, flowers, etc. 


Make Sure You Have Electricity Available at Your Venue

Confirm with the venue that you will have access to electricity. Electricity is an important aspect of every wedding. You’ll need it to power a microphone, DJ equipment, lights, and more. It’s not safe to assume that your venue will have electricity, so make sure you call and ask beforehand before booking a venue.


Protect Guests from Bugs

Pesky insects can make your wedding unpleasant. Since your wedding is outdoors, you’ll want to think of ways you can protect yourself and your guests from bugs. You can hire a local business to professionally treat the ground four days before your wedding, you can try natural repellants, or you can rent a tent to thoroughly protect your guests. 


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