Since 2019, things have been constantly changing. Goal setting and event planning have been especially difficult because of changing recommendations and restrictions. It can be difficult to anticipate what next month, or even next week, will look like. So follow some of these tips for planning months in advance for your event.

event planning in advance - Planning Months in Advance for Your Event in Uncertain Times

Tip #1: Focus on What You Can Control

The first step in planning months in advance for your event is to figure out what you have control of. These are the best areas to start since you are less likely to encounter certain barriers. Once you’ve identified areas of your event where you have control over, you can plan things around those areas. 


Tip #2: Stay Up to Date on Information

Things are constantly changing. It’s more important than ever that you remain organized and informed through your event planning. You’ll need to know the current event limitations and choose a vendor team that will be there every step of the way. You may even benefit from hiring an event planner. They will not only bring your vision to life but also review contracts and logistics. 


Tip #3: Carefully Consider Your Venue

In times like these, there’s more to booking the right venue than just loving it. Before you secure a location for your event, be sure to ask important questions and thoroughly read the contracts. You’ll want to know about the cancellation and postponement terms, safety protocols, prevention measures, social distancing, and more. Knowing the answers to these important questions can help eliminate stress for your event planning.


Tip #4: Anticipate Disruptions

These days, it’s common for disruptions and inconveniences to occur. Planning for these disruptions can help your event still be successful. Here are a few ways you can plan for disruptions:

  • Arrange backup plans
  • Rank your priorities for your event
  • Set flexible, results-based planning goals
  • Set reasonable goals

Setting planning goals months in advance of your event with potential disruptions in mind will help ensure that you have a successful event, regardless of the circumstances.


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