Is your business or organization looking to plan an event? Having problems planning around coronavirus and the cold winter temperatures? As someone who’s been helping organizations and businesses in Maryland host their events for years, we wanted to take some time today to talk about how working with a Maryland tent rental company can help you host your event this winter.

shutterstock 1498303721 300x200 - Outdoor Events in Winter? No Problem!

Keep Safe with Space

With limits being placed on how many people can be in the same inside space together, we’ve been helping many of our customers host their events with our tents. No matter how many people you’re planning to have, or how big of an event you’re planning, you can keep all of your guests safe by hosting your event with our Maryland tent rentals.

Don’t Worry About the Cold

You may be hesitant to host your event outside during the cold winter months, but you needn’t worry about the cold anymore. Along with our Maryland tent rentals, we also offer heater rentals so you can ensure all your guests keep warm and comfortable. Our tents are made with canvas and retain significant amounts of heat, it’ll be just like you’re inside.

All the Tents You Need

Winter tends to be a bit of a slower time of the season in the tent rental industry, so any Maryland tent rental company should have more than enough tents for your event. Whether you’re looking to host a small birthday party, or a large company-wide retreat, winter is a great time to rent as many tents as you need.

Work with a Professional Maryland Tent Rental Company

Here at Elite Tents and Events, we’ve been providing Maryland with our tent removal services for years, and we’ve enjoyed every moment of it. If you’re looking to host an event this winter, don’t put your guests at risk by hosting it inside, keep them safe and warm in our tents outside. Our team of professional Maryland tent rental experts is standing by ready to assist you. Give us a call today.