Planning on having your wedding this summer? If so, you should consider having your wedding outside. Here at Elite Tents and Events, we’ve been providing Marylanders with our tent rental services for a long time, and have helped countless couples, and wanted to talk about how you can keep bugs out of your tents.

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Opt for Walls with Your Tents

When renting your tents, one of the easiest ways to keep bugs out is to also rent walls. When the wedding tent rental company is putting up your tents, they can also install canvas walls that will help keep bugs away from all your guests and food. Make sure to inquire about walls when you initially rent the tents.

Use Bug Spray

Handing out some bug spray is a great and cost-effective way to cut down on the number of insects present at your wedding. You may also consider handing out some suntan lotion, otherwise the reception may be a little more red than you’d like.

Citronella Works

Lighting citronella candles or tiki torches can be a great way to dissuade insects from joining the wedding party. They may not smell the greatest, but the bugs are smelling that citronella too. If your wedding is being swarmed, or if you’re planning on having your wedding in a location, investing in some citronella is a wise decision.

Get Help from an Exterminator

If you’ve been trying to cut down on the insect population, but to no avail, you should definitely consider working with a professional Maryland exterminator. They should be able to recommend you some additional preventative measures and can spray. Having a professional Maryland exterminator spray pesticide will keep the bugs far away from your wedding party.

Consult with a Professional Maryland Wedding Tent Rental Company

Here at Elite Tents and Events, we’ve been helping people host weddings for years, and can help make your day perfect. Wondering about how you can keep bugs out of your tents? Get into contact with our team of Maryland wedding tent rental learn about our services and how we can help you keep bugs out of your wedding party.